What a crazy 8 weeks.

In case you hadn’t picked up the news on the grapevine, I’m a daddy again! Twice more!

So, funny story… 8 weeks ago, one of the twins ruptured their membrane (Mil’s waters broke essentially), and Mil was told she would be staying at hospital until they were born. When the membrane is broken, the most dangerous thing that can happen is for the mother or the baby to get an infection, so they keep the mother hospitalised so that they can assess it regularly and jump on it the minute there’s any sign.

At that time, we were 22 weeks along, and the doctors were very careful to warn us that unless the babies stayed in Mil until 24 weeks, we might lose both of them. We tried to stay positive and Mil moved in.

After a scare at 23 weeks that the babies were coming, we were pretty wrecked, and didn’t really feel like sharing too much with the wider world. We all dropped out of life for a little while, so if we missed any other amazing news, we’re very sorry.

At 27 weeks our little boy couldn’t help himself and literally started pushing his way out. Mil was rushed into surgery and both babies were born pretty quickly on the 1st August, only 1 day after Amelynne and my birthday! I kind of wish they’d come the day before - stupid leap-year.

Well today they’re finally 30 weeks old and tomorrow is their three week birthday!

Merrick Hector Nunn is my strong boy. His lungs have had some problems since birth because he was the one who lost his fluid, but he’s doing pretty well considering the complications that caused. The doctors say he’s on track though, and he’s absolutely lovely.

Evany Louisa Nunn is my sweet girl. She was a bit smaller than Merrick at birth, but has done so well since she was born that she’s almost as big as he is now! She’s holding her own so well, that we’ve finally been able to give her some cuddles this last week.

Sorry it’s taken us so long to pass on this important news. We’ve been so wrapped up in it all, and scared for their safety and overwhelmed by the speed of it that it’s been difficult to put it all down. They’ll both be staying in hospital until at least their due date in late October/early November so we’re in a sort of limbo-world at the moment - born, but not officially ours to keep!

I’m so glad I finally get to tell you all. We’ve been so scared to say anything, but now they’re here, I’m really proud to announce them officially.

So welcome Merrick and Evany! Thank you all for your support and understanding. We look forward to introducing them to you all in real life soon1.

  1. This post was originally shared on Facebook and added to the Geekorium on 9 Feb 2013 ↩︎