I was tempted to do a “clip show” thing to refresh readers of the important plot points that have happened so far. Fortunately for you, I can’t imagine how to make something like that work in text, and still be fun to read. So what follows is a basic recap of the story so far, as simply as possible.

WARNING: this post contains spoilers for the Rex Havoc: Space Flight 704 story. If you ever plan to read it, I suggest you head there now and get reading. Or bookmark it… You know, whatever.

I’m posting this for the fans who haven’t had a Rex Havoc story for almost a year. The last update to the major story-arc was on May 20 2012, which is a long time to remember things. I’ll try to include links the pertinent chapters if you’d like to remember the specifics. This also means I have more Rex on the way for you, and we’re in the home stretch!

Our Hero.

Rex Havoc is a space adventurer. He does the difficult things no one else can.

On a mission to secure the Ortrix, Rex is betrayed by his partner, Jones. Rex barely escapes with his life after killing Jones and abandoning the mission.

Returning to base, Rex finds it totally destroyed and his good friend and gadget maker, The Professor, dead. In a surprising turn of events - this early in the story - Rex is killed too.

But not for long.

Becoming conscious in an empty mindscape, Rex meets the other, a mysterious, strangely familiar yet wholly otherworldly entity who teaches him about his new existence.

The Ortrix was more powerful than Jones let on, and has made Rex a powerful god-like being who can shape the universe to his will.

Rex learns the downside of so much power is a conscience that cannot stand to harm anything in the universe. He also learns that Jones didn’t die and also shares his power, without his conscience.

Confrontation is out of the question. Jones can inflict a multitude of tortures on Rex