The first of Google Wave’s “Three Ps” announced at the Google I/O Developer Conference was Google Wave the Product.

As previously mentioned, Google’s Wave product is a re-invention of our traditional web communications. It combines elements of email, instant messaging, and real-time collaboration in a completely new way. It is set to become a replacement or alternative to their Gmail and Gtalk products, but contains a lot more.

The distinction of the Google Wave product is that it will run on Google’s servers, using Google’s bandwidth, and have all their weight behind it, driving it. It might also mean it will include their advertising, and the more paranoid among us might think it has the downside of running on their infrastructure.

It is more than likely they will offer free and paid plans similar to those they offer Google Apps users. It will come default with a select set of features such as the inline spell checker/corrector, and translation robot. “Wave the Product” is the obvious public face of Google Wave, and the way Google will monetise their invention.

For those that want more Google offers Wave the Platform