Announcing the Wave This Widget for Wordpress. Install this widget, add it to your sidebar and let your visitors share your posts easily on Google Wave!

The Google Wave “Wave This” function takes the title of a post and a short description and starts a new wave for you to add users to. It uses the “Wave This” API.

Wave This!

This sidebar widget adds a button to individual post pages that sends the post title and exerpt to Wave. If you haven’t set an exerpt the widget uses the default one generated by Wordpress for each post. The default button is 300px wide to allow for larger sidebars. Please resize the button using the widget options.

2010-06-16: Added the official button options from Google.

Latest Version

Version 0.3

Known Issues

  • Settings are not persistent across updates. I’ll try to build this in soon.
  • Does not use the official “Wave This” buttons from the API page. The official buttons can be linked though using the custom image feature. Fixed: see update 16-06-10
  • Does not support Wave for domains other than the Google Wave Preview.


If you need help with the Wave This Widget, leave a message here, or on the Wordpress Support Forum. At the risk of fragmenting the support, you can also get in touch with me on Google Wave1, or leave a message on the official plugin wave


No warranty is given for this plugin.

  1. it is a Wave plugin after all! ↩︎