I have been pretty tired lately. My bubby girl has not been sleeping well overnight for weeks, and as a result I’m not getting as much sleep as I’d like myself. In addition, I get headaches whenever I try and concentrate, which I had been putting down to tiredness, but might actually be the fault of my new glasses prescription, so I’m seeing my optometrist on Friday to sort something out, and hopefully that will clear my headaches up a little.

Despite this, I’ve created a site called First Waves to post the latest news about Google Wave and the Wave Protocol. I was updating pretty frequently until this week when the headaches got too much for me, and I couldn’t think straight to pull it all together.

I’ll get into updating it again ASAP, but I’d be encouraged if anyone reading this wanted to check it out and leave a comment or whatnot. I’ll be migrating it to Wordpress in the near future too, and enhancing it with some more information about me, and some links to essential Wave resources.

That’s my update. Thank you for listening.