I’ve been putting off writing this, telling myself that I just don’t have time now I’m a new dad, but truth is, I wanted to say something special and couldn’t think of the words. I still can’t, but I need to say hello so bad, that I can’t put it off any more.


Hi Amelynne Grace.

My little bubby-girl born 31^st^ July 2008

Really, I have no words. She’s everything I dreamed she’d be. So small and fragile, but strong and brave (she rarely cries unless something is really wrong). She’s made my little family complete.

She doesn’t do much besides sleep and eat, but she has started watching her world. Her little eyes scanning over our faces, or caught by the dancing curtains from her change mat. She makes me so proud.

It’s hard to believe that I could love someone so much, and only have known them for two weeks. I don’t know her favourite colour, or what she likes most for breakfast, or who she thinks would win in a fight between Superman and a jedi. But it’s not hard to believe at all, when to look at her is to love her. Even when her face is all screwed up when she’s pooping.

She’s more than I could have hoped for, and she’s my daughter.

How frickin' sweet.

P.S. Mil is a trooper. She is my hero.