I was doing that narcissistic thing where you look up your name on search engines… come on… you’ve done it… everyone does (and you’re not blind and you don’t have hairy palms like all the naysayers predicted)… Where was I?

Oh yeah, so I found my name on a page that I haven’t visited yet. On a side note, Josh Nunn is a popular name - I’m going to start a page devoted to it, where Josh Nunn’s can write about themselves - very niche. Anyway, this page was a genealogy site with details of the birth and death of one Josh Nunn… But well…

Who named the


If you don’t see it - I’ve highlighted the problem. How? Since when is that… I… who…

There goes my masculine name.

And while we’re on the topic, why do women poo-poo some of the greatest ideas men have - specifically, why won’t Mil let me call my son William Theodore Cornelius Buck? It’s a great name - a manly name. Until he Googles it and finds that William was a girl. DAMN!