Why Fred Basset is the "Dumbest Comic Strip Ever".

Update: 2007-06-02 I don't care if you like Fred Basset. If you were thinking of commenting read this instead and then go away!

Update 2: 2012-05-20 I still can't figure out why people are still commenting on this post. I'm closing comments. Read why here.

Many of you already know that Fred Basset is close to, if not the dumbest comic strip of all time. I know for a fact that there are whole religions based on pondering the worthlessness that is "Fred Basset". For those that do not know, Fred Basset is a comic strip featuring a basset-hound that does ordinary dog things, and comments about them as though they are remarkably funny. They aren't.

Now there never was much debate about it being a good comic, but in case there were any remaining basset-hound loving comic-readers with the sense of humour of a toasted marshmallow that thought Fred Basset was an amusing slice of suburban doggy life - I present the following.

Reader Beware! Before you click, you must know your immortal soul will be in jeopardy as you read it. It will cry out as though stuck by the very pitchfork of Satan himself. Hold on, and pray to whatever gods you must. I take no responsibility for it's hideousness.

Fred Basset bringing pain to millions
Fred Basset bringing pain to millions

Dear reader. I apologise for that, but I feel it is my duty to inform the world that Fred Basset is the worst... comic... ever...

If you need something to ease the pain, I will provide you with an example of the greatest comic of all time:

Calvin and Hobbes
A better cartoon

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35 replies on “Why Fred Basset is the "Dumbest Comic Strip Ever".”

  1. O... K.... Have you read Fred Basset? No. I didn't think so. Did you write Fred Basset? Maybe that would explain your problem with my comments. But really, it is the dumbest comic. Of all time. I'm right... That's all.

  2. WTF?!?!? it is the best comic ever DOnt be so fucking stupid there are worst comic than fred basset

  3. Erm ok people.
    fred basset isnt the BEST comic strip.
    but he aint the worst either.
    i've seen some worse comics.
    and that particular strip that you put isnt funny.
    but he's had funny ones.
    and then after that to "ease the pain"
    you say that calvin and hobbes is the best comic strip ever?
    erm... NO !!!
    he's probably JUSt as boring as some of the bassets.
    but he has funny ones too.
    each to their own opinion.

  4. I don't know why you people are arguing this. It's really simple. Fred Basset is not funny. Now you may argue that 'The Phantom' is not funny either, and that I haven't singled it out for my scorn, but his serialised adventures are not meant to be. Fred Basset on the other hand MUST be trying to be amusing, as the dog wears a constantly smug expression, and regularly makes asides to the audience that are meant to include us in the 'joke'.

    I've heard ridicule piled on the 'Family Circus', and must say that I while I haven't read many, what I have read seems to be attempting to be funny and poignant. It is also clearly written with an audience in mind (families/parents) who might share the joke. Whether it succeeds or not is irrelevant, but the effort disguises its (lack of) humour.

    Fred Basset on the other hand is neither poignant or funny, and lacks a clear audience (stupid dogs maybe - but dogs don't read the comics section, and stupid ones only read the lifestyle section).

    I hope that my arguments have made you realise that I am indeed right. In any other debate I will concede I am wrong when I am given clear evidence - but of this one thing I am certain. Fred Basset is not a good comic. It is not a passable comic. Fred Basset is a dreadful blight on humanity. He is never funny.

    And 'Calvin and Hobbes' IS the greatest comic strip and holds that place with Gary Larson's 'Farside' comic.

  5. also you dont need to make a friggin thesis on stupid comics. we all have our own opinions. if ur not happy with anyone elses then shut ur mouth and keep it to urself. so clearly ur thesis was ur own opinion. u were not necessarily 'correct'

  6. You can never ever be universally right about such subjective things as 'funniness', and this is why you are WRONG.

    To prove my point:
    Def of Funny: Something that invokes laughter/smiles.
    I laugh when i read Fred Basset. Explain to me (and the other millions people who laugh too) why what we are reading laughing at such bad comics. Its not like we are being forced to read and laugh.

    ps. are you saying that people who laugh @ Fred's comics are clueless morons?

    1st CH
    2nd Garfield
    3rd Fred
    5th Peanuts

  7. O.K. people. Here is the RIGHT answer. The guy who originally made Fred Basset died around 16 years ago. for the last 14 years it's been drawn and written by someone else. I'm willing to bet that all you Fred Basset lovers are fans of the original artist and writer Alex Graham. We in Australia only get the later strips syndicated in our newspapers, the ones written by someone else. They are neither funny, nor charming - as evidenced by the strip above. Any given strip will not make me laugh - most don't make sense in a comic way. I could write a comic where:
    * I tie my shoelace
    * I look out of the panel and say "Oh look... I tied my shoelace"
    And I would be about on a par with current Fred Basset comics.

    Lighten up. Don't read blogs of people who's opinions you don't care for. Not everything written on the Internet has to be argued with.

    Fred Basset IS the dumbest comic strip ever written.

  8. Those who do not love Fred Basset simply do not have the intellectual capacity to find the obvious wit in every strip. I feel sorry for you.

  9. Every strip? Did you read the strip I used as an example? Where is the wit in, "Now my after dinner nap"?

    Obviously I'm intellectually inferior, that's the reason.

  10. So you're saying that Fred Basset is funny because Hamish and Andy mock it, and have made a joke out of how unfunny it is...

    So many things wrong with this comment. It hurts my head.
    2. Learn to spell. It's "platinum", not "platimun"
    3. Try and give your comments more context. I had no idea that Hamish and Andy regularly riff on Fred Basset comics. Without that knowledge, your comment makes even less sense.
    4. Don't be so ready to insult people who are clearly far more intelligent.
    5. Pay attention when someone says they don't care for your opinion, and not to bother leaving a comment.

  11. LOL! Dude, this is exactly what I think whenever I see it in the paper. :p It's incredibly pointless.

  12. Oh Terf, You made my day. You don't know how frustrating it's been having everyone disagree with me! Thank you for leaving a comment, I really appreciate it.

  13. Flag, you probably have the intellectual capacity of a toe nail. You can't fathom the subtle nature of the cartoon. Bet you're a Transformer fan and into moronic comics like MAD.

    Fred is brilliantSteve

  14. The strip is in no way subtly funny or humorous. There is no observation of every-day life that presents any level of wit to the audience. There is a snippet of every-day life,but nothing from the strip brings a level of humor that is not found in the same scene in a real setting. It simply presents a possible situation that a dog could be in and offers a brief glimpse of the event. There is no setup, punchline, or social commentary of any kind. In addition to this, many panels are traditionally wasted showing the same image or similar ones repeatedly with no text. It doesn't even have artistic merit... the drawings are simple and the so-called 'abstract' nature of it appears to be an illusion stemming from people thinking too hard about the strip's intention and claiming to be "intellectual". The comic is either the so simple and pointless that it has tricked millions of people into thinking that there is some humor in it that they are too stupid to understand; or the comic is simply the world's largest-scale inside joke, with everyone agreeing to pretend that it is funny.

  15. Well I don't find inside jokes funny when I'm not on the inside and it
    seems strange to base the success of a syndicated comic on people
    pretending they find it funny, so I have to conclude with you that it
    must be popular because people are stupid.

  16. Outside of Hamish Blake presenting it in an obviously ironic manner, Fred Basset has never once wrenched a laugh from my sneering lips.

    If there's something clever about telling other people you're walking down the road while you're in the middle of walking down the road, then I'm obviously all wrong about comedy. HINT: I'm not.

  17. I've just had a rant about how unfunny Fred Basset is this morning to my work colleagues (one of whom sent me this link) so it's lovely to see at least a few people who share my view

    To offer some kind of twisted insight into why people choose to torment themselves with the follys of a dog, doing the most boring things in the world and making the most vanilla, unfunny comments/thoughts in the world about those things...my friend, who loves Fred Basset, says she loves it because "it's exactly what her own dog would say if she could talk...."

    I don't understand it myself and think it is the most LAME and UNFUNNY comic strip ever published...but I'm guessing some people somewhere must like it...

    Thanks for the read anyway, you've brightened up my afternoon :)

  18. fred basset is so stupid and simple that it makes me want to kill myself. It is not funny at all. I dont even know why it is still in the newspaper. When i read the comics i try not to look at fred basset, because it is the most boring unfunny comic i have ever read. But you know what comic is good? Bizarro is amazing!

  19. Whenever I read Fred Basset, it makes me think of an elderly British couple eating breakfast and laughing at "the antics of Fred." I don't know why.

    I, personally, prefer Dilbert.
    Calvin and Hobbes is definitely brilliant, though.

  20. Fred Basset needs to die! It is not funny, it is not entertaining, in fact it is just depressing

  21. Fred Basset is just awful. Period. I was just reading a comics page, and just seeing it there made me google "why does anybody like fred basset?" because I couldn't fathom what on earth could possess people to think it's funny. Perhaps people who laugh at the regular things dogs do... and extra hard if that dog might spell out exactly what it's doing, as it's doing it. But those are not people who, in my mind, should have an valid opinion on what makes something really funny. 

    I don't know enough comics (even though I know quite a few) to say that Fred Basset is absolutely the worst. But it's got to be a contender. 

    "you say that calvin and hobbes is the best comic strip ever?

    erm... NO !!!

    he's probably JUSt as boring as some of the bassets."
    Wrong. The train wreck that is Fred Basset will never, nor has ever been, as funny as even the worst Calvin and Hobbes. That's kind of like saying, "This little league player has had some swings better than some of Derek Jeter's." 

    Not that all comedy has to be smart... but you've got to draw a line somewhere. And everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but some opinions are just wrong.

  22. Dear Sir: You are quite correct about Fred Basset and the intellectual bankruptcy of its fans. It is a deplorable waste of space for any newspaper that would carry it. Your opinion on the matter is one of objective truth, based on common sense, common decency, and what is a reasonable depiction of trash. I felt the same way about "Nancy," and despised it for years, until the creator, Ernie Bushmiller, died and was replaced by Jerry Scott. Only then was it improved, vastly, with updated, genuine humor and art style. People who appreciate "Fred" are equal to those who get their nourishment from a landfill and call it "Sunday Brunch." Attempting to prove your point to such, is like trying to convince a one year old that he ought to read the Wall Street Journal instead of Teen Beat. Your pick for best comic is mine, as well, therefore I will employ the axiom that "Great minds think alike."

  23. I'd agree that Fred is not a belly laugh comic strip. It is warm-hearted and for that reason, I enjoy the occasional read. It is all too easy to pick one of the comics that didn't hit the mark (I agree that many don't), but if you look at the link here, they can invoke a smile or chuckle from time to time. For that reason alone, I would suggest that this isn't the WORST comic. Not the best I agree, but not the worst either.


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